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Friday, November 29, 2013

Look Younger this Christmas Season

We are almost ending November and I haven't written any post for a few weeks now. Busy learning some things that I will share with you sometime soon. Despite all the tragedies that happened to our country, there will still be Christmas after all.

This is dedicated to all the mommies out there who wants to look more beautiful this season.

Do you want to look (and feel) younger? Oh, I can almost hear everyone saying a big YES!
An ageless beauty, fresher face? Make up and the right dress style can make it possible.

Here are some of the tips I am applying for my self.

1. No to cakey foundation. Use light base liquid foundation, with spf as much as possible.

2. No to smokey eyes. Use light-colored eyeshadow. Cream, beige. Without shimmer, in order to lessen wrinkles. Emphasize and contour eyelids. Brush darker shadow on top of eyeballs.

3. If you have hollow cheekbones, no need to contour.

4. Thicker eyebrows make you look younger, and thin brows ake you look older.

5. Use eyepencils instead of liquid liners.

6. Use yellow powder undertones

7. Use a lighter-colored, natural, or rose pink-colored lipstick,

8. Curl lashes and put on mascara


1. No to tight-fitting outfits. Use belt for distraction and don't be afraid to use color combinations.

2. Focus on your sexy factor or assets, and flaunt it!

3. Wear knee length skirt and NO to below the knee, or you will look like a "lola"

If you have your own tip, please share it with us. Who knows, it might also work for some of us. Let's show the world that mommies can also be "head-turners.".

Remember to smile!

Photo credits: http://vinsten.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/hollywood-star-mothers-with-their-kids/

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