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I created this blog so that I can share my opinions, my favorite topics, my life and my journey through life when I was a child, teenager, a single woman, in love, as a mama, and now a widow. But despite everything, Life MUST go on, and let's stay surviving it, with God's grace. :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

High School Reunion

Just recently, we had our high school reunion. After so many years, it really is so good seeing them once again. I feel like 13 again! We ate, talked, took a lot of pictures, watched a trip-to-memory-lane videos, voted for our batch's reunion officers, sang videoke, laughed, laughed and laughed. Did I say we laughed? Oh sorry. Hehehe. We really had a great time. The organizers did a very good job. The program was nicely arranged and the emcees really made the night full of laughter. We had games, trivia questions on our crush, ex-boy/girl friends, love, adventures, teachers. A lot of memories were reminisced on that trivia part of the program.

You share so many things with your high school friends and I'm so blessed having all of my six bestfriends from high school. Until now, we still see each other during the christmas vacation. All of us are godmothers to another one's child. Though we seldom see each other, we now make it a point to get in touch through the social media. Since most of our kids are already grown up, we can now enjoy and go out more often. It's been a week since our reunion but until now, I feel like i still can't get over it. Here are some of the artists i remember during my days as a high school teenager...

How was your high school days? Do we share the same smile when we think about it? :D