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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A first-time crafter

I want to share with you my first ever try in crafting. My sister introduced me to vinyl stickers, bought in department stores. But I bought them in Japan surplus stores at only 88 pesos.

Since we have a lot of plastic containers from graham crackers, (me and my sister makes refrigerator cake once in a while), I placed the vinyl sticker all around the plastic container so as to cover the print of graham cracker on it.

I thought of using it to place all the unorganized things placed on top of our ref, like coffee filters, coffee beans, 3-in-1 coffee packs, chocolate drinks amd juice powders in sachet. I am quite pleased with my finished product, so are my family....

Another project i made with vinyl sticker is our stairs makeover.

I measured and sticked it on our paintless and ugly cement stairs. Sorry I was not able to take a "before" photo of our stairs but you can try to look at it on the left photo. The top part was already covered with the vinyl sticker, while the vertical part of the stair is the original image of it. What a big difference and I'm so pleased with my project. Happy... :)  

What can you say? Just let your imaginations run, think on how you are going to accomplish it and if it is possible. Then, do it while you have the time.

We would appreciate it if you can share it with us your own crafting or make over projects. Pleaseeee  :)

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