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Monday, July 8, 2013

Growing up years

As a little child, I have been a happy kid. I was raised in a family, where my daddy was the one cooking, aside from his work, he enjoys feeding us, his all-girl family. A closely-knit clan, that's what we are. During my childhood up to teenage years, the whole clan would all go to the church that my ancestors founded. Most of my family belonged to the choir. One of my uncles, were the choir conductor and my mom were the accompanist. (She has been the choir accompanist for more than 40 years! And still doing it until now!). My dad and some cousins would take turns singing solo during offertory. Another one of my uncles were church layleader, We are protestant (methodist), both my father's and mother's side). After church, the whole clan would eat lunch together in ancestral house in Manila. After lunch,  all children would be required to sleep, while the men drank beer, and the women cook again for the afternoon snack (merienda). Very typical for a Filipino family, don't you think? But that was the best typical part of my life. I really loved those ordinary Sundays.

My mother's side on the other hand, were also a musically-inclined family. All of my mothers' brothers and sister would sing and play the piano. And all, i mean, ALL are teachers, starting from my grandfather.My grandma on my mother's side is a deaconess who also teaches in a school for deacons and deaconesses. I miss my Lolo and Lola. They were very generous and thoughtful. When we visit them, they would always give us bags and bags of food, sometimes additional allowances for our school baon. Then after eating, Lolo would go to his favorite part of the house, his carpentry nook, and we watch him as he makes something. He even allows us to use his tools, carefully guiding us so as not to be hurt. He would also play with us. On their house, there was a swing inside the house. Me and my sister take turns riding it. I can still vividly remember our happiness.

How about your own growing up years? Where did you spend your childhood memories?

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