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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reminiscing my experience as an Evacuee (Ondoy)

September 2009. That was when Tropical Storm Ondoy (Internationally called "Ketsana") hit Metro Manila, starting at midnight. It was a Saturday and my son's school had make up classes on that day. But at 10 a.m., the rain was consistently strong since midnight, non-stop. I called the school and learned that classes had already been suspended. The flood is knee-deep already. He was looking for possible ways to get home, walking and trying to ride public transportation, but no vehicle can pass through most of the roads! I was working at home and texting him. Till I saw that the houses which are down on our street are submerged in the flood till the first floor, I already panicked! I immediately decided to get to where my son was. My husband was sick and had wounds so he cannot accompany me. My brother in law went with me. Wherever we go, we cannot find a street without chest-deep flood. We tried and walked and walked but to no avail. I decided to brave the raging flood and crossed the street so we can get to my son. It was a blessing that the barangay rescue team near the school is helping everyone stranded. Until now, I am having a hard time putting words from this experience. I have to stop and take a deep breath just remembering that day......

We were asked to hold on to a big rope tied to two big trucks in order to cross the street because of the heavy current of the water, where my son's school was. As advised by the rescue team, I have to be at the barangay hall, and just wait for them, the rescue and my brother in law to get my son. My son was already stepping on top of a food kiosk and he is already submerged in flood till his knee. Imagine if he isn't on top of that food kiosk! Meaning, the flood is almost  5 feet deep! Not to mention the flood's current, since it was just near a river. We are constantly texting. He gave me his exact location and the rescuer, with my brother in law went to get him. After a few minutes, or hour, I think, they came back WITHOUT my son, and said they cannot pass through the flood. This was when i went hysterical. I told them I will be the one to get my son. My brother in law talked to the rescuers. And after their talk, the rescue team said they will come back and get my son. That was the longest wait i had endured, with all the prayers i can give to God. And at the same time talking to my husband on the cellphone. I can just imagine how he felt on that day, not having a choice but to wait for us at home and pray for my son's safety.

And at around 4 in the afternoon, the rescuer came back, carrying my son on his back, and another rescuer, bringing his school things and his shoes. I almost cried and almost embraced that man, who got my son back. I didn't even knew his name. But i was able to thank him so many times. God is really good. God always answers our prayers!

When i got my son, he was shaking due to the wet school uniform he was wearing. Its good that I brought with me a jacket, which almost got soaked in the flood if I had not raised it above my shoulders when we were crossing the chest-deep flood. He was very hungry. His last meal was the breakfast he ate at home, before leaving for school.  And the barangay team, was there to HELP us in all our needs. I see them as our angels. They gave us dry clothes and food to eat. I vividly remember my son, eating like he has not eaten in days. He ate his, and my share of rice and corned beef. Those people that helped us, has a really big big heart, specially the rescuers. God is so good, He sent them to us. I'm crying now as I recall every little thing that happened on that day. It's like a movie, replaying on my mind. Though I didn't knew all their names, I am always, until now, praying for them. That life will be good to them, and that God pour His blessings upon them.

We spent the whole night on that evacuation center/barangay hall, since all the streets are still flooded. At 4 in the morning, the barangay vehicle slowly sent some of the evacuees home. And we were safely home by that time. Again, God is really good and He will never never leave you. Just TRUST him.

Image source : http://www.juice.ph/cms_images/19635/Bagyong%20Ondoy%20-%20Flood.jpg

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