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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Positive Habits

I received this article in my email today. I need this kind of messages most of the time. It might also give you the positive boost you need in your daily struggle to reach your goals....

The Story of The CEO and the Yellow Notepad

By Dan Robey

It was just a yellow, legal sized notepad,
but it made this millionaire CEO's sales force
more successful, productive,less stressed, and 
happier,at work and at home. 

How could a simple yellow notepad have such power?

Here is the story:

The millionaire CEO gave each of his employees
a yellow, legal sized notepad and a pen. He also gave them
these simple instructions:

Carry the notepad and pen with you at all times during your
workday. Keep it handy, and within easy reach.

In the morning write down a short "To Do" list in the notepad, list
the things you want to accomplish that day.
You should also make a list of short term and long goals
both personal and professional.  

During the day use the notepad to record every name and
phone number of anyone you talk to or come in contact with. Write
down email addresses, flight times, and reservation numbers,
meeting times and dates, record virtually every bit of important
data into your yellow notepad. 

Here is how the millionaire CEO's workforce benefited from this
simple positive habit, and how you can also regardless of who you
are, or what you do.(businessmen, housewives, students,CEO's, etc.) 

Every piece of important data was instantly available 
to them. They became more productive immediately. When they needed
to call someone back the name and telephone number
were just a glance away, communications in the work force 

Think about how this simple habit can help you. 

What was that fight number again? What was that policy number the
insurance agent gave you 3 days ago? Just look in your trusty
yellow notepad, it is all there! What were the directions to the 
wedding? It's all in your yellow notepad!

Here is another tip;

Every morning read the goals that your wrote down in the notepad,
read them aloud and visualize yourself as already reaching 
your goals. 

Your yellow notepad becomes a Rolodex, Meeting Planner, Map, and
one stop source for all of your important information
that you gather every day. 

Remember how you used to write down that information on
little bits of paper? Remember how you could never find that one
piece of paper with the phone number you needed?)

You will not believe how many ways this little positive habit will
benefit your life! You will be less stressed, more efficient at
everything you do, you will see yourself reaching your goals, your
self esteem will improve. 

Buy a Yellow Legal Notepad today and get started!

P.S. from  Dan

The contents of this email are not to be considered as medical
advice. Always consult a physician before beginning or changing any
exercise, diet or nutritional program.

I have personally reviewed the products featured in my newsletters
and I give them  my highest recommendation.  I am an affiliate of
the products featured in this newsletter and the income
derived from these sales will aid in the expansion of
 and "The Power Of Positive Habits" on the web. This gives me the
resources to expand so I can continue to create articles, blogs and
offer you a free and reliable resource of self improvement

Source : The Power Of Positive Habits website

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